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Aaron Parnell Method | Postural Treatment

If you have pain, you have probably seen more than one health care provider. Unfortunately, most conventional therapies only deal with symptoms, and while they provide temporary relief, they try to correct a problem in an already misaligned body. Most healthcare professionals are trained to look for a problem locally - providing only temporary results - costing you time and money. This service will allow you to discover the root cause of your pain and the Posture Genius will suggest training in your home and at our center.

Who is Aaron Parnell?

Aaron Parnell, also known as "The Posture Genius", has over 40 years of xperience in Posture Optimization. He has helped more than 3,000 clients live painlessly through his trademarked Reposturing method of correcting their posture, and providing tools for their self-development.

Today his clients live with more mobility, flexibility and energy. He has written over 200 articles and essays, authored 4 books, is founder of the Reposturing Institute of America, and has taught his therapy to over 1000 health professionals.

Additionally, he has lectured at numerous consumer health events, and is a thought leader in the beauty and wellness industry. He owns a 2500 square foot facility called "The Posture Genius Center" located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, all designed to deliver a 10x experience for our customers.

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